Precious: The new normal.

Something special (precious) is happening here.

Today, March 14th, is Albert Einstein’s birthday.  I love his quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

“The same thinking,” what does he mean here?

“The same thinking,” is what we consider “normal.”


In our lifetimes we will witness what appears to be a complete reversal of what is deemed “normal” by society and the world. I’ve witnessed it on many levels already in my four decades.


What’s so exciting is that it’s possible now more than ever to personally experience this shift within you! Beginning today!

Here’s one way…

I get the feeling that the entire world will be turned upside down on it’s head before too long.

To some this may seem frightening. Thinking about long-entrenched ideals and institutions being upended. Right now it seems as if things are being up-ended but for all the wrong reasons.

And yet, what if Life, by it’s very nature, is good and therefore the changes are always for good? We just may not see it at first. (Think about the up-ending changes in the Catholic church in the past decade.)

The most dramatic place this revolutionary change is taking is in our inner awareness. In fact, this is the only place the world truly changes and it’s a totally personal journey. We’re just all doing it at the same time!

Yet again: fearful and scary.   We feel something big shifting inside of us and it can be overwhelming. On Einstein’s birthday we need context, relationship, we need a Theory of Relativity for our inner and outer experiences.


I can give you one word that creates this relative awareness.

The word for this world shifting revolution?

Are you ready?!

The word is: PRECIOUS

Yes, precious it’s Precious!


This is word that simultaneously represents our deepest truth and our deepest fear.

Our truth that we are precious and can experience ourselves as precious at anytime, thus flipping our old relationship with ourselves. And it’s also our deepest fear, because it has been our belief that this is our biggest weakness and vulnerability.


We’ve bought into the idea that this vulnerability will be our doom. So investigate for yourself, for your own sanity. Like any massive institution, it begins with asking the investigative questions.


Why focus on Precious? What happens when you witness yourself as precious?

When something is seen as precious it is seen as special, unique and we bring a wonderful version of ourselves to bear upon the object of our attention. (Whether that object is a thought or judgment about ourselves, someone or something outside of us.) We are careful, gentle, kind, tender and loving. This is the experience within ourselves as we are perceiving something as precious, such as a baby. It’s much easier to feel calmer, more at ease and connected. This is the power of our inner landscape and the power of recalibrating (upending) our inner voice.

When we’re able to connect with precious as a part of ourselves, we experience a common humanness and connection with others.

A few years ago I experienced this first hand from a very unexpected teacher. My wife and I were performing at a music festival in Buffalo, Wyoming and after our set, we were standing by the merchandise table, selling and signing CDs.  Suddenly, I became aware of this rather large man walking towards me. He looked as if he’d been wrestling cattle his whole life and could probably pick up a steer with one hand while eating a sandwich with the other. He put out his enormous, calloused hand for me to shake. My hand disappeared as I put it in his and he squeezed it hard. “Son,” he said in quiet, rough voice and with watery eyes, “I gotta tell ya, that song you sung about yur wife’s grandma made me cry. Thanks for playing such a beautiful song.” And he turned around and walked away.


I stood there shocked.

As a musician for many years, I had had thousands of conversation with folks about music and the feelings that can be evoked. But nothing has compared with this gentleman’s “preciousness” and vulnerability!

It simply was a gift. This experience happened long before I was ready to experience the strength that vulnerability can carry.


When things like this happen I’m often reminded of the quirky line from the comedy geniuses of Monty Python, “And now for something completely different.”


That’s the world being turn on it’s head. That’s the power, beauty and grace of such experiences.

Question is, are you allowing these precious experiences to come into your Life?

Or are they already there but you’re running the other way, saying, ”Not now, not this way?”


I look to that memory as a wonderful reminder. That preciousness is not only a special inner feeling, but it holds the ability to make us feel uniquely human, safe, cared for and loved.


It is the word of a completely different revolution


Today don’t be anything less than PRECIOUS!


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