Five Minutes of Pure Love: a love letter to my kids


Today I got still, and ask myself, “If I could share my Life wisdom with my children, what would I say?”  Now, I realize this might be a bit beyond their years and maybe that’s fine.  Because actually, I don’t think they need to hear this right now…but I do.


“Five minutes of pure love”

a love letter to my kids


The greatest good in the world is a purely selfish act.

That is, going within and asking yourself, what is my truth in this moment?

This simple inquiry is the greatest good because it changes the world in an instant.

This going inside, is what turns the world on it’s head.


Here’s why:

Going in for your truth, opens you to the truth of Life, that is: Life’s Truth.

And that truth speaks in Love.


It’s always been about love. The world, doesn’t need any changing.   It has always been steadfast.  What keeps you from seeing that as the truth, well, that’s what could use a little changing.


Your willingness, your courage to go in and find for yourself what is true, that becomes the avenue with which we ultimately go out and serve the world outside ourselves. 


It’s a perfect set up really, it’s the master class we’ve all been seeking out there in the world.  It’s what we’ve been seeking somewhere outside of ourselves to help finally “complete” us. We’ve all wanted to know, “What is the best way to change the world for apparent good?” Well, guess what, we turned out to be the answer.


Want to know how to end suffering in the world? End it in yourself first.

Want to know how to stop violence in the world? Stop it in you.

Want more abundance in your life? I think you know what I’m going to suggest, that’s right, look to where you experience abundance. That would be internally.


And yet, it is so close, in fact so intimate, that for centuries we’ve missed it.  By going in and asking, “What is my truth?” and then waiting to listening, we don’t have to guess.  It is shown to us.


The road, however, has always gotten a little bumpy when we think that this situation, this peace, this approval, this acceptance and love are outside of us.

This sets up a desperately hopeless situation of constantly going outside of ourselves for what the world ultimately can’t give us. Something we can only feel within ourselves.


The wisdom of Life is to see that by going within to find appreciation, approval and love, we get to finally experience it where it’s only ever existed in the first place, inside us.


Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, it’s inside of you and when you don’t feel good, well, it’s still in you.   This turned out to be true for every experience in my Life.

The amazing gift is that you have the opportunity to get in touch with what is pulling you from that experience by noticing your feelings in any moment.


If your feelings have any tension or negativity, that’s your signal to go in and find that deeper truth for you.  It’s time for inquiring.


It’s always there.  It’s just, are you listening?  Are you willing to go in and get still?

I understand that for many, this can be a terrifying prospect. It’s my experience that it’s the light inside that we’re most afraid of, not the dark.


How do I know?  Because, I noticed I was able to feel the dark much of the time.

If I was afraid of that darkness, then why was I feeling it most of the time?  Because, it becomes familiar and accepted.  We even begin to tell ourselves, “This is just the way it is.”


And that works too, because eventually all stories come to an end.

So if it’s a nightmare, the invitation is to wake up and go within…and help yourself, it’s totally selfish 😉

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