One on One

Facilitating The Work of Byron Katie

"I'm grateful to you, Pete, for introducing me to (The Work).  It has made a dramatic difference for me personally! You are, as a facilitator, extremely gifted, so relatable, empathetic and humble.  It's very easy to be with you and to be open with you."    Karen S., California

First time facilitation is complimentary for you to see if this "speaks" to you

These One-on-One Sessions are a simple way to apply The Work, and, they work equally well whether it's in person, on the phone or via Skype.

email: to set a complimentary, first time facilitation or to schedule a regular weekly session (note: all times are pacific standard time)

Who hasn't had the thought:

  • I'm not enough
  • There's not enough time
  • I should be happier
  • This shouldn't be
  • I made the wrong decision

If you have, then good.  You're an honest human being, doing the best you can.

The Work is a simple tool to identify and question any thought that causes stress and suffering.

Each session is unique.  Each session you're invited to allow inquiry bring you the answers that can set you free.  Each time I do this process, The Work, I come out a kinder human being and that serves me in being the person I want to be in  the world.

Can I be someone who motivates themselves with kindness rather than attack and ridicule? 

Can allow peace to work for me instead of  an inner landscape of violence, shame and guilt?

How would I live Life without fear?  What would I do, who would I be without my stressful beliefs about the world?   email: to begin

 People who do The Work report many benefits, such as: more clarity, greater patience, less stress, less pain, better relationships, feeling happier, and more.  But, I invite you to explore The Work with the motive to simply find out what is true for you!

  • I am currently enrolled in the Certification program for The Work to become a Certified facilitator. For more information on The Work, visit

"I'm not enough & there's too much to do!"

Listen as Pete facilitates his courageous wife, Anne, in The Work.

What happens when you arrive home from a long day of work, just wanting to get into your PJs with a good book and instead, you’re overwhelmed by a kitchen full of dirty dishes, kids asking non-stop questions and knowing someone needs to make dinner for the family?

Listen as Anne describes what happened to her in that moment in the kitchen when these stressful thoughts pay a visit.

"Thanks to you, Pete, for being willing to share this with our community. It’s important work. I think (The Work) could be really beneficial with regular practice. For me, it is all about awareness and fact, versus my story about what is stressing me."   Alicia M, California